How to measure PD - UK

How To Measure PD

Your pupillary distance is the measurement (in mm) between your pupils when you are looking at a distant object, this is sometimes also referred to as optical centres (OCs). Your optician will measure your PD as part of your eye test but may not supply this information unless asked. If you do not know this measurement and don’t want to measure it yourself then we will make your PD the national average, 63mm for men and 60mm.

Measuring Your PD (Pupillary Distance)

Asking a friend is the easiest way to measure your PD. Sit your friend opposite you at the same height ask them to place a millimetre ruler across your forehead just above your eyes with the millimetre side on show.

Ask your friend to close their right eye and you then look directly into their left eye. Get them to place the ruler so that the zero value is in the centre of your right pupil, keeping the ruler very steady ask your friend to close their left eye and for you to look directly into their right eye.

Your friend will then read the measurement to the centre of your left pupil and that’s it! Please see the diagram below to help you further.

We recommend doing this measurement a few times. If in any doubt then please telephone 01475 605060, email us at, or talk to one of our online assistants now.